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This chick is a ray of sunshine!

Ring in the new year with a new hero!

Ray came from a farm fresh egg and lives a cage-free life! His sunny disposition will inspire all of us.

Here Ray befriends the girl Ying. Together they take a journey to find a mythical creature, which might actually be related to Ray. But can Ray find his true calling along the way?

The Year of the Rooster is the finale in our annual series Tales from the Chinese Zodiac.

The amazing art is by Juan Calle, who created our recent superhero adventure Good Dream, Bad Dream.

Thhe Rooster, like its predecessor The Year of the Monkey features a bilingual translation in simplified Chinese.

We are eager to share the story with kids, classes, and families nationwide!

Author Spotlight - James Yamasaki

James Yamasaki is the illustrator of our brand new book Boy Dumplings: A Tasty Chinese Tale.

James creates fun illustrations with lighthearted offbeat touch for kids of all ages.

His clients include publishers such as Forbes, Wired, The Stranger, Entrepreneur, Boston Business Journal, Nickelodeon, Cambridge University Press, and National Geographic Kids.

See more at his website www.jamesyamasaki.com.

Amazing Inventions series

Ying Chang Compestine wrote - Boy Dumplings and the book series Amazing Chinese Inventions:
- The Story of Chopsticks
- The Story of Noodles
- The Story of Kites
- The Story of Paper

These stories have been redesigned and revised with brand new bilingual translations in simplified Chinese.

Review for The Story of Kites:
"The creative Kang brothers are back, once again inventing a practical solution to a common problem...The black lines outlining intense colors give Xuan's lively cut-paper pictures a feeling of action and life as well as a sense of traditional Chinese art." - School Library Journal

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Upcoming Events

Author Oliver Chin particpates in the LA public library's Summer Reading Program.

In a swing through Southern California, he will visit the branches at West Valley Regional (Reseda 7/29), Lake View Terrace (Sylmar, 8/1), and Chinatown (8/2).

Enjoy a free storytime with local families!

Justin Time goes fast forward!

The animated TV series Justin Time embarks on Season 3, which will start airing on Netflix in the USA on June 3rd! Just like how Justin travels the world, the show has fans from Finland to Thailand.

Meanwhile, fans continue to discover and enjoy our official storybook adaptations, The Pancake Express and The Big Pet Story.

The Octonauts are now toys!

Fans worldwide are enjoying The Octonauts' fantastic adventures, that began with our four original storybooks.

In America, The Octonauts TV animated series is a top show the Disney Channel.

Now families can enjoy the toy versions of their favorite characters, submersible Gup vehicles, and Octopod heaquarters.

A rainbow of Fisher-Price action figures, creature assortments, and playsets are available in the USA.