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Ramen is Ready!

Hot from the kitchen is our new dish! The Discovery of Ramen starts the series The Asian Hall of Fame.

With the help of their guide, a red panda named Dao, the kids Emma and Ethan learn how some very cool things were invented in Asia. Together they go back in time and place to see where it all began, and then zip back to the future!

Our first adventure explores how ramen came to be!

There has never been a U.S. children's book about this delicious meal! With the help of our Kickstarter backers, we've published the first English storybook on ramen, just in time for holiday gift-giving.

Co-authors Phil Amara (The Treehouse Heroes) and Oliver Chin (Julie Black Belt) team with illustrator Juan Calle, whose first book Good Dream, Bad Dream was funded by Kickstarter.

Backers of our Kickstarter project are receiving a tasty combo of special rewards. But now everyone can enjoy this delicious adventure!

Author Spotlight - Meomi

We have produced the first-ever box set of The Octonauts.

Meomi created The Octonauts and the original 4 book series, which inspired the hit animated TV show that is now broadcast in more than 100 countries around the globe (including the Disney Channel in the USA).

The slipcase also includes a bonus Octonauts art poster!

We celebrate the 10 year anniversary of The Octonauts and the Sea of Shade. Order your commemorative box set today!

Thanks for helping make The Octonauts into worldwide inspirations. The Octonauts were ambassadors again of World Ocean's Day on June 8th.

Ray the Rooster rolls on

Enjoy the conclusion of our popular and groundbreaking series!

The Year of the Rooster is the finale in our annual series Tales from the Chinese Zodiac.

The amazing art is by Juan Calle, who created our recent superhero adventure Good Dream, Bad Dream.

The Rooster, like its predecessor The Year of the Monkey features a bilingual translation in simplified Chinese.

"Reprising his beast-and-buddy adventure a twelfth and final time, Chin goes all out to give each animal his or her due."
- BookDragon, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

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Upcoming Events

Immedium exhibits at the Holiday Faire of the Chinese American International School on December 2nd at 10 am in San Francisco, CA.

Families love getting into the holiday spirit and getting fantastic Immedium stories to give as gifts!

Justin Time goes fast forward!

The animated TV series Justin Time embarks on Season 3, which will start airing on Netflix in the USA on June 3rd! Just like how Justin travels the world, the show has fans from Finland to Thailand.

Meanwhile, fans continue to discover and enjoy our official storybook adaptations, The Pancake Express and The Big Pet Story.

The Octonauts are now toys!

Fans worldwide are enjoying The Octonauts' fantastic adventures, that began with our four original storybooks.

In America, The Octonauts TV animated series is a top show the Disney Channel.

Now families can enjoy the toy versions of their favorite characters, submersible Gup vehicles, and Octopod heaquarters.

A rainbow of Fisher-Price action figures, creature assortments, and playsets are available in the USA.